Week 01 - Simple Photo Essay

A simple exploration of the home and yard for things with a common theme of my chosen colour, brown.

Using the camera on Program Mode, where the shutter and aperture are automatically controlled by the camera, I explored the yard and home for subjects to fit in with my chosen colour of brown.

I undertook this exercise at the point of sunset, which unfortunately came in cloudy rather quickly, so making it a challenge with the possibility of hand holding the camera disappearing altogether for me. A tripod was utilised for all of these captures, the camera I used was my Sigma fp and the Sigma 45mm f/2.8 which has no image stabilisation in it, and hence the need for the tripod.

Whilst sticking to my selected colour of brown was prime in my mind, I was also seeking different luminosity, tones and textures of that for some variance among these simple photographic images.

The settings I used are as follows:

  • Mode : Program
  • ISO : Auto
  • WB : Auto
  • Metering : Spot
  • Focus : Manual and Auto
  • Image : Jpeg
  • Quality : Fine
  • Exposure Compensation : As needed
Here are the nine images I captured as a rudimentary exploration of familiarising myself with this camera in this highly automated mode.

2 Responses

  1. Hi Alex,

    You may have noticed that the overall colour cast of your outdoor shots and indoor shots are very different. This is because of the colour temperature of the light sources which we will cover on coming weeks.


    1. Absolutely, Peter! I don’t ordinarily use AWB as a norm, so took this as an opportunity to see what this particular camera would do as the light rapidly changed from sunset into the blue hour, but with a very overcast condition to it. What I did notice also was that the WB shifted depending on where I place the spot metering point within the scene, which surprised me! I would have thought the WB would be gathered from the entire frame. I’ll need to revisit the manual again to see what is mentioned there about it.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      Be well and stay safe,

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