- est. 2013

Using photography as a wellness activity for his mental health, Alex Mausolf has extensively explored the long exposure technique of photography as a safe visual representation of his CPTSD mental health experiences.

Capturing exposures where a fair amount of time passes, normally between four & six minutes worth, allows the combination of reality & illusion to merge within the camera

This is achieved through the use of filters akin to wearing really strong sunglasses cutting down the amount of light transmitted to the film or sensor, which allows the much longer times for exposure to occur so we can see the passage of time.

Long EXPOSures
These images are available to have printed for display at your home, place or business at sizes up to A0.
Send an email to Alex from the contact page, letting him know which image you are interested in & what size you would like it at. He will then send you a digital copy of it which you can take to a quality printer of your choice and then you can have it framed, ready to hang.
*** Don’t cheap out on this part! A few dollars more for quality printing from a professional will mean all the difference between a mediocre print & a gallery quality print! ***
If you do this, please, consider making a donation of what you can afford or feel is appropriate to the bank account details shared in the email with the digital download link in it.