Finding Mindfulness
An insight into Alex's journey to discovering Mindful Photography & how it literally saved his life.


The Mindful Photographer

Alex Mausolf is not your normal photographer, photography for him is an activity of Mental Health Wellness & artistic expression.

While you can obtain copies of his images to hang in your own home, place or business with a potential donation you deem adequate, he does not entertain the commercial exercise of photography & never will.

His artistic explorations of photography are an ongoing life experience & expression of that.

The Anarchic Choir

In 2008, Alex experienced true stillness for the first time in his life. It was at this point that his challenges & experiences of intense mental health surfaced.

This was when the ‘Anarchic Choir’ presented themselves in no subtle manner. A chorus of auditory hallucinations that he still lives with.

Through some incredibly compassionate Counselling in 2018 Alex has come to the realisation that they are nothing more than resonances of traumatic experiences.

That understanding led Alex to the further realisation that they actually hold no power over him! Now this does not mean that he is cured, he simply knows that for him, they are just energetic resonances of experiences past.

Digital Photography

Entered Alex’s life during a rock-bottom period in 2012 when he was at a point of suicidality.

It was at this time that Alex took a gamble on buying himself a cheap, bottom of the line camera kit, with two lenses as photography was something he enjoyed in high school.

The ability to deeply observe & reconnect with the beauty of the world around him was an instantaneously beneficial experience for Alex; it allowed him respite from his intense thoughts of despair, even if only momentarily.

It was this experience of reconnecting with life in safe & creative ways that saved his life.

Unbeknownst to him at the time, Alex was experiencing Mindfulness & Flow, where time & all the woes of the world disappeared from his mind for a while.

Sharing this with others in easy, safe ways was manifested by Alex in 2017 through an initiative he called ‘Happy Snappers Adelaide’. COVID-19 has put this on hold since March of 2020, with digital delivery of this activity sadly failing.

Mindful Photographer

Alex Mausolf

The ability to follow my own path of creativity & storytelling through photographic means is a blessing to me. It allows me to explore & safely express the mental health challenges I experience with CPTSD present in my life.

Alex pursues several forms of photography for his own benefit, these include Long Exposure photography through captures of four to six minutes of time in a single frame. He also explores creating caricature images, something that has recently headed towards explorations of a social commentary within them. These have developed in complexity to a stage of needing the planning & logistics of lighting, sets/locations, prop’s, costumes, & stories; something Alex loves & enjoys the creation of.

Explorations of film photography is something that Alex also enjoys & does as regularly as is possible through use of a series of medium format cameras primarily, but also with some 35mm cameras, depending on what he is drawn to using at that point in time.

Alex has the amazing benefit of “Fenna” an Assistance Dog (in-training), a three year old Mastiff x Ridgeback with amazing empathy for his particular experiences of mental health. The goal is for her to sit her Public Access Test when she is fully ready for this.

Alex is a Photojournalist for an agency in Europe & he is learning through current mentoring how to create documentary films of a short-form nature with a focus on people’s connections to place, the diversity of things people do & why as well as mental health wellness through creativity.

He gladly volunteers his services for local grassroot’s groups & causes that he aligns with.