Photographer + Film-Maker
Adelaide, South Australia

Photographic Explorations

Three forms of photography that Alex explores for enjoyment in analog (film) and digital formats.


Alex is an accredited photojournalist for a European agency, utilising airborne and land-based capture methods of a digital form, primarily covering architecture and the environment.

When causes arise locally that require assistance in this regard Alex is very generous with his volunteering of time and efforts. A most recent example of this is his work with the Save St Kilda Mangroves campaign.


Documenting stories of place and exploring people’s connections with place are the main focus of Alex’s efforts in learning the art of documentary film-making, something he commenced in 2020 as an extension of his photojournalism.

Being freely of assistance to causes that he aligns with through the use of his skill-sets is something Alex feels is a moral obligation in this day and age.