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a Documentary Film-Maker a Social Innovator a Service Dog user an award nominated photographer an Activist a Volunteer a Caring Being I live with PTSD

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The short version

Alex Mausolf’s photography is an ongoing practice of observation. After much experimentation with various types of photography, Mausolf realised a profound love and respect for long-exposure photography; a form of imagery he says draws strong parallels to his own life lived with complex mental-health challenges, where reality and illusion merge in the most beautiful way. More recently Mausolf has explored states of decrepitude through his photography, leading him to incorporate the use of moving visuals, including video and time-lapse techniques into his practice. Mausolf calls this divergent exploration in his practice the Locus Memoirs, where he explores places that are abandoned, in ruin or undergoing restoration. This investigation led to his further documentary work which focuses on a social commentary that explores inequity and the overdue systemic changes needed for equity to become a reality. He also documents community actions, supporting groups and events that have very little or no funding to achieve this outcome. In 2018 Mausolf was selected as a finalist for the Don Dunstan Foundation Award for a collection of long exposure photographs exhibited during SALA 2018 that explored mental health as a motif.


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Documentary Filmmaking
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